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These tips and documents come courtesy of the "Tech Savvy Friends," a truly heroic contingent of UChicago students who provided them during a presentation in April of 2019. Some of the specific prices may become outdated fairly quickly, but in general, the advice on ordering groceries online and getting them delivered to you in Hyde Park should remain accurate for the foreseeable future.

(1) "Ordering Groceries Online & Delivery Options." This brief, informative presentation walks you through how to purchase groceries, household supplies, and pretty much anything else online. It teaches you how to set up a Gmail account, how to create an Amazon Prime account, and how to use Prime Now.

(2) "Grocery Delivery Comparison Chart." Presented in April of 2019, this handy and possibly dandy chart compares a few local and national options for grocery delivery: Hyde Park Produce, Prime Now, Imperfect Produce, Peapod, and Instacart:

Grocery Chart

We've linked to their respective websites so you can check out the latest info on goods offered, order minimums, delivery costs, subscription fees, and delivery methods. Happy shopping!