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Welcome to membership in the Chicago Hyde Park Village!


What is the difference between a Full Membership and an Associate Membership? Associate memberships are for people who want to be Village members and support the Village endeavor, but do not need most of the services at the time they join.



What does a membership cost?








Individual (Solo)








Individual (Solo)




Why is the Village charging fees? Villages, like all enterprises, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, need money on hand to keep their doors open.  CHPV gets as much as possible donated, but it is not possible to get everything donated. CHPV uses membership fees to pay for our office's rent, telephone, printing and copying, insurance, vetting fees for volunteers, and other costs related to Village activities.  In addition, we feel it is essential for our Village to have paid staff in order to run smoothly.  Membership fees will guarantee that we can pay staff and all associated payroll and unemployment taxes.