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Chicago Hyde Park Village

5500 S Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637



Committees are the backbone of CHPV's daily operations and overall governance. Most committees are comprised of CHPV members and also include interested community members and staff. Some committee include subcommittees and task forces. These are usually short-term bodies with specific time-sensitive objectives.



Volunteerism is the cornerstone of the Village movement. CHPV members are encouraged and expected to contibute their time to the organization inasmuch as their circumstances permit. Joining a committee is an excellent way to volunteer and be involved. While CHPV membership is encouraged to participate in a committee, it is not required. Learn more about volunteering with Chicago Hyde Park Village!

If you are interested in joining or nominating someone to serve on a committee, please speak with the committee chair or the Board President (for governing committee) or Executive Director (for working committee). Please note, however, a committee may or may not be openly recruiting new members a given moment.


Governing Committees

Governing committees report to the Board of Directors and support the governance and fiscal stewardship of the organization.


Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Members: President of the Board, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Director


Nominating Committee

Chair: Margaret Huyck

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Margaret Huyck


Fundraising Subcommittees:

Fundraising Event Task Force – responsible for organizing our annual benefit event and charity auctions

Sponsorships Committee – responsible for administering our corporate sponsorship solicitation efforts and engaging with the Board of Directors to assist with those efforts.

Working Committees

Working committees report to the Executive Director and support CHPV's daily operations much like departments of a larger organization.


Organizational Affiliations Committee

Chair: Susan Alitto

Responsible to developing and sustaining relationship with our Sponsors and Community Partners.

Program Committee

Chair: Ann Audrain

The Program Committee provides opportunities for older adults to engage in meaningful social and educational activities that foster vibrant healthy aging. The committee produces CHPV’s monthly Lunch Gathering and Zoom Drop-In events and serves as a sounding board for your ideas and interests. Contact the Program Committee at


Member Services Committee

Chair: Ginni Cook


Member Experience Committee

Chair: vacant
The Member Experience Committee is responsible for recommending, implementing, and administering policies, procedures, and guidelines to support the overall experience of being a CHPV member. This includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Welcoming and orienting new and newer members
  • Working within and across CHPV to create an inclusive & friendly environment for all involved
  • Encourage a culture of volunteerism among members
  • Periodically assessing the experience of members through casual conversation, feedback sessions, surveys, and other tools and recommending changes
  • Recommending and implementing strategies to maximize member retention
  • Follow up with recently lapsed memberships to secure renewals or assess and report the reason for non-renewal
  • Provide monthly committee reports to the ED as warranted
  • Inform and stay informed about the work of other CHPV committees

Life & Legacy Committee

Chair: Margaret Huyck

Vice Chair: Dorothy Patton



Advisory committees

Advisory committees report to either the Board of Director or Executive Director. They serve to advise the organization in various aspects of operations, governance, and community relations.


Advisory Committee

Chair: vacant

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Team

Chair: vacant

Dementia Friendly Hyde Park Advisory Committee

Chair: Dorothy Pytel